Omega Royale

Omega Royale is the ultimate defense game where you build and upgrade towers and cast powerful spells to defend your kingdom from an influx of enemies. With different tops and spells to open and revisit, you'll have huge methodologies to look at as you tackle the difficulties. Join the battle and experience the adventure of Omega Royale today.

Omega Royale is an interesting top-level defense strategy game that will take you to an amazing dreamland where you have to hold back the wave of swarms of beasts that have been chasing your kingdom! Come up with cautious designs along the street to destroy all enemies before they arrive at the entrances of your palace. You'll have an entire society of fearless legends at your command, each with exceptional abilities. During combat, you will step by step collect mana foci that you can use to project shattering spells. Work on the qualities of your fighters by consolidating indistinguishable units.