Burger Bounty

Get ready to run your own burger restaurant in Burger Bounty! Are you ready to explore your amazing abilities as you put your money into renovating your establishment by buying new tables and new items, expanding your kitchen ovens and recruiting some partners to work towards your main goal?

Take care of your customers, serve them quickly, move forward without fear and don't leave a single dirty dish uncollected or a request unanswered, be constantly productive by getting various benefits, gain fame because of your heavenly dishes and your wonderful customer attitude and have fun turning your business in the most famous in the whole city.

Welcome to your personal Burger Bounty. In the game Burger Bounty you will create and expand your base. First of all, set a table, because somewhere guests have to go down and make a request. In addition, the more customers, the faster you can buy everything you want: additional tables, various gadgets to speed up work, and even hire collaborators. They will plan holidays, pass requests and collect contributions. Assuming there are a lot of tables, one server can't serve them all, and customer persistence isn't infinite, you'll see this on the scale above each person in the Burger Bounty game.

Need to find out what it's like to lay claim to the monster burger joint around? Welcome to Burger Bounty, where you will take on the role of an aggressive business dreamer who dreams of turning his small burger joint into the most famous eatery around! Focus entirely on each customer in light of the fact that the nature of the administration will rely on the benefits and participation in your establishment. Accordingly, try to satisfy customers' requests as quickly as possible in light of the fact that they will leave if you accept that you make them stay away too long.

Need to know what it's like to run your own burger joint? All things considered, you currently can! Burger Bounty is a role playing game where you play as the owner and, towards the beginning, the main individual of the group! Gradually grow your cafe by adding more tables, variety of food and colleagues until you have a fully functional (and productive) diner! However, don't take your eyes off the customers, assuming you leave them hanging tight for a really long time, they will leave and you won't get compensated! Revise your personality to grow with the business and change them so you really start to feel at home.

Open and redesign stations, hire servers and grow your cafe! You can change the burger joint by simply staying over the stations you need to open and update. When the costs are paid, this station is opened or rebuilt!

Burger Bounty offers the inventive element of hoverboard transportation! Move flawlessly around your restaurant, passing orders, cleaning tables and ensuring everything goes according to plan. This hoverboard probably isn't just for show; tends to be updated for speed-up and better mobility, ensuring your cafe's skills stay at their peak!

The game also introduces the idea of "star clients". These eager people love the delicious food you serve in your cafe. Be careful, they are also seriously wanting and anxious! Meet these celebrities to bring in extra cash and new open doors.

Burger Bounty mixes the fun of a time management game with the core components of business entertainment, making for an interesting gaming experience. Whether you're an entry-level foodie or trying to work your way up, this game has something for everyone. Could you at some point handle the intensity and conquer the city's culinary scene? Hop on your hoverboard and find out in Burger Bounty! Could you take control of the city at some point?