Battalion Commander 2

Battalion Commander 2 is an active shooter where you have to shoot your enemy and last until the end of the stage to dominate the match. Complete each of the missions and rescue your companions who are trapped by your enemy. Record them to help you in battle. Good luck, fighter.

Once again, the regimental authorities are back and your task will be to enter a hostile area and kill the warriors. You'll also encounter a few of your detainees, so go ahead and free them. They will help you against enemies that will increase in size.

In the second part of the game Battalion Commander 2, you will continue to tell a legion of soldiers who today must complete a progression of combat missions in order. Your crew will be visible on the screen in front of you, which will be located in a certain area. Using the control keys, you will control the activities of your warriors. They must move forward with the entire separation under your guidance. When you spot aggressors, open fire on them. By shooting accurately, you will destroy all opponents and get focuses for this in the game Battalion Commander 2. The enemy will also shoot at you. Therefore, keep your soldiers moving constantly to make it a challenge to hit them.

Battalion Commander 2 is a run and gun game where you play as a soldier on the front lines.

Again, your nation needs you! Strange movement has been reported to the north, so arm yourself with guns, missiles and projectiles to take the region. Free captured officers in a hostile area and they will go with you on your main objective. Collect gold and XP on every run, complete missions and use them to buy redesigns and unlock perks

Battalion Commander 2 has been updated and is now playable on the most modern internet browser and, surprisingly, on a multitasking one.