Jewel Monsters

In the woods near the capital of the kingdom of individuals, there are many beasts that chase troops around the evening. In the game Jewel Monsters you will go to fight them. A specific region where you will be looking for beasts will be visible on the screen in front of you. You have to destroy them with the help of magic pearls. You will see them in an exceptional battlefield, divided into cells. The moment you meet a beast, you will see a small symbol of a specific stone near it. You must carefully analyze the battlefield and find a group of the same stones. You must place at least three of them in one column. When you do this, the stones will disappear from the screen and the beast will be hit with enchantment. The enemy will pass and you will get tricks for it in the game Jewel Monsters. The boring road through the forest is full of risky animals hiding among the trees! This is an ideal opportunity to fight with all your energy in the game Jewel Monsters and consolidate pearls in rows or sections of at least 3 completely indistinguishable to protect yourself from dangerous attacks. Go ahead without fear and carefully consider everything you could do quickly before you suffer any harm. Can it be said that you are ready to kill many risky animals and return the forest to strength again? Gem Monsters is an arcade game in which you will most likely coordinate at least 3 pieces of jewelry with a similar shade with the beast as you aim to attack it. You need to collect enough pearls to destroy the beast and go through it. Assuming you don't do it fast enough, the beast will attack you! Clear your way through the forest land, fighting the beasts that hide among the trees! Anyway, do not be afraid, there is a way to recover. Connect 4+ pearls to make a heart prize appear in one of the jewelry. Collect it by making the coordinate with the prize diamond to restore some of your well-being. Gem Monsters is a match-3 game to attack the beast by matching indistinguishable jewelry with a similar shade as fast as you might expect.