Kikker Connect

Play Kikker Memo, Connect and Puzzle with Kikker and his companions with unique outlines by Max Velthuijs! Rate each of the 3 games for free, but in case you need to rate the full experience, you can make a one-time purchase to unlock all the highlights. In Kikker Memo all cards are face down and you can select 2 cards and rotate them. In case you tracked down a bunch of 2 similar photos, they will disappear and you will get a butterfly. With this butterfly you can open new photos. Kikker Memo starts with 4 cards as far as possible up to 24 cards for more test! Try not to stress, you can play any problem as much as you want as all cards are randomly placed. In Kikker Connect, you must connect 2 similar cards, but the line point may not curve more than twice. Could you make the cards disappear? At this point you will acquire butterflies which you can spend on new cards. Appreciate the wide range of levels that expand in trouble, but you can generally go back to the selected level to select an easier level. Puzzle with Kicker and his companions! With unique images by Max Velthuijs! The puzzles start out easy with 4 pieces, but you can still unlock more disturbing puzzles. This game is amazing for all ages! Collect butterflies to open new pictures.