Stupidella 3

Stupidella is back for a third game full of weird, wild and silly endeavors! In this form of the story, Cinderella did not become her typical self when the clock struck twelve. All things considered, she became a Fool! Cut the grass, pose for a famous work of art, decipher compositions from old works or develop watermelons - she can do it all! All she really wants is your help to find the right arrangement, which usually can't be hard to track down. You can definitely relax in the event that you linger on a problematic level, you can constantly ask for a supporting track to help you find the right arrangement. Would you at some point help Stupidella one more time? The third chance will be this!

Irritating Goof is constantly having fun, getting into various funny and strange circumstances, the arrangement of which will make you really focus. What awaits us this time in the dark green experience of a young and funny brave woman who, in the true sense of the word, cannot survive without experience?