Drag Racing Rivals

In Drag Racing Rivals, prepare to defeat your opponents in heated vehicle races around town! Jump into your vehicle, change your rearview reflection and get ready to hit the gas to take on the ultimate goal! Do you want to dominate every race and demonstrate that you are truly awesome? The roads are uncrowded and this is the perfect chance to show your rivals that you are the fastest racer around! Your goal in this game is to complete each race in any case. Start the game by tapping the race button in the main right corner of the screen. Before heading to the real races, you can test your ability through 3 distinctive levels of preparation. The moment you're at the starting line and you trust that the start is going to end, click on the screen to develop your starting speed. When you start moving, you need to keep the needle on the green part of the meter at the bottom of the screen. When it comes down to it, let go of the left mouse catch to gain speed. Do this process again until you reach the final goal. With each race you win, you get coins. These can be used to change the look of your vehicle, purchase redesigns and even unlock new vehicles from the car shed. Rate and have some good times! Race your car in the subway! Compete with different drivers as you try to quickly cross the finish line. Make cash to unlock new vehicles and buy upgrades. Keep racing until you beat all the difficulties in this fun web based game made by Inlogic Software. Is it fair to say that you are feeling quick and possibly a little pissed off? Assuming that's the case, you should check out Drag Racing Rivals! It's a fun and creative fast-paced game that focuses on movement. You'll need to get things going at the perfect minutes if you're going to win each of these road races. A pile of money will be available to everyone. You'll earn money that you can use to overhaul between rivalries. Buy better transmissions, engines, and surprisingly neat professions with paint!