Ninja Run

In Ninja Run, get out of the shadows and take responsibility for the flexible ninja hero! The bosses of secret and combat techniques, these old heroes are extremely equipped. Could you help the player in this game by avoiding the deterrents? Outside the blossoming cherry blossoms and in the tropical seashores! Shake the sand off your shoes and get ready for a significant run! The object of this game is to accept your character as much as you can by jumping through various delays you see along the way. Start expanding your muscles and click this play button in the main menu to start the game. It takes a long time to get acquainted with the wonderful moves of the ninja, but you can perform rebounds in this game with the mouse. Click on the screen to get your character to work. He will run without anyone else. The moment it arrives in the hole, click on the screen to skip it. Numerous different threats are for you in this game! The spikes will hurt you, while the explosives will kill you in contact. You can see your well-being in the upper left corner of the screen. You will see coins and stars located around the level. Collecting them expands your last result, so try to get the most out of it.