Drop The Gift

All the questions with the presents came to a happy end, sleighs lined up, deer legs slammed into Santa Claus and he flew in the twilight of the evening to finally give presents and make the children happy. To Miss Santa did well in the game Drop The Gift, help him find in the unknown chimney piles and accurately throw gifts there. You correctly note that it would be easier to carry the gifts of the day, but Santa did it the night before Christmas to get to the beginning of the day when the children found under the Christmas tree and gifts in brilliant covers. Children and even adults await the unveiling of the gift, and then there is a cycle that unfolds bundles, energy, unbridled happiness and fun for the whole family. Because this is a night not to rest, to throw boxes on pipes. To control Drop The Gift, use the bolt keys, assuming you are playing on a computer or computer. When using mobile phones: Tablet or mobile phone often use contact controls. To do this in the game in the main left corner of the bolt is drawn, and in the right - the picture of a gift box. Click on the photos with your finger, change the height of a flying sleigh with a Santa's bolt inadvertently colliding with the roof or exploding line and when you click on a gift, the saint will throw the bundle from the sleigh and it is positive that he is really in the queue. Game Drop The Gift - bright and cheerful, it will set you in the happy mood of the New Year, and the ability to help Santa Claus will entertain everyone. Help Santa to throw each of the gifts in the piles for every young person on the planet. Stay away from all obstacles and fulfill your main goal!