Bridge of Doom

Bridge of Doom is a great platform game with an outstanding idea. You have to control your wild and fused little man and help him ignore the destructive scaffolding of destruction! You will experience numerous adversaries and deterrents on your way. You basically have to click to move your legend - each click pushes your legend forward one space. To wipe out the trolls, you need to click quickly - be careful, but in case you click too much, you might end up in a trap! Time your moves carefully, but travel through the destructive expansion of destruction as quickly as possible. Traversing the entire planet, a brave viking meandered into a nondescript community, where he was told of the beasts that had caught the scaffolding as it moved across the chasm. Our legend chose to help the inhabitants of the city and destroy the beasts. In Bridge of Doom, you will go along with him in this experience. In front of you on the screen you will see your persona staying at the beginning of the scaffolding with a weapon in hand. Use the control keys to make him move forward. On his way he may pass through different types of obstacles and traps that your legend must survive. When you encounter a beast, engage it in a duel. You have to hit with your weapon to destroy the enemy. For this you will be given focuses and you can get the rewards dropped by the beast.