Mekorama is a 3D puzzle game where you have to help your little companion get through each of the many brain-twisting levels! You and your robot amigo must take on the horizontal reasoning challenges set before you to beat these intense levels! Each puzzle is fully 3D, so you have to move the camera point constantly to try to figure out where you want to go right away! Collect the stars in each puzzle to complete them, actually! You can also create your own riddles or play levels made by some riddle aces! We need to know how conscious you are!

In the exciting new web-based game Mekorama, you'll help a robot named Bounce explore various old structures. Your legend must find the shining stars that will be hidden in the structures. In front of you, your personality will be noticeable on the screen, which will be located in a certain region. Using the control keys you will coordinate his activities. Your legend must walk around the area and find hiding spots. They will be in the most surprising places. Your task is to find the hidden places to open them. They will contain gold stars. For their determination in the game Mekorama will give you focuses.