Merge Harvest

In this silly and drawing game, you will have the chance to consolidate new things and complete different orders while following an exciting storyline. As you play, you will need to arrange your battlefield and collect materials to fix structures. You can also grow products from the soil to make food. As you progress, you'll get the chance to repair your structures to speed up your creation and build up to get extra spaces. Search for interesting things and open chests to get energy and coins. With plenty of special things to do and journeys to complete, this game is sure to give long stretches of experience and excitement.

Merge Harvest, a truly extraordinary puzzle game in which you have to help a novice farmer to merge new components and complete various orders to get materials and seeds to build structures and develop a wide range of grains and vegetables.

Big ventures are looking for you on the other side of the screen! There are a sum of 250 interesting things to open and consolidate and a sum of 1000 invigorating journeys to survive. Collect unusual things, get some pearls and open wooden chests to get enough energy and coins to progress. Process wood, stone and a wide range of unrefined substances to get the basic materials to fix structures, ranch, milk, fish, collect eggs from your chickens and don't miss the opportunity to find the secret mysteries that are looking for you in every corner.

Sheriff David has resigned. He was extremely exhausted and selected to participate in the Virtual Homestead project. You will stay with him in the Merge Harvest game. At the research center, your legend was placed on a computer generated hat on his head and he ended up in a different universe. Right now he has to start building and maintaining his own ranch. A derelict cabin will appear on the screen in front of you. Most importantly, you need to help the legend collect logs and various assets and fix the house. Likewise, you will need to craft various warehouses. Immediately clear the nursery of weeds and plant wheat and various vegetables on it. As the harvest ages, you must have pets and birds. The moment the harvest is ready, you can sell it. With returns, you need to buy various devices and hire workers. This is how you will steadily grow your farm in the game Merge Harvest and make it most useful.

Merge Harvest is a game with lots of remarkable things to do. Combine things, complete different quests and follow the story. Collect materials to fix structures and develop products from the soil to make food. Redesign your structures to speed up creation and repair your capacity to get extra slots. Collect interesting things and open chests to get energy and coins!