Jigsaw Surprise

Jigsaw Surprise is a mystery game made by TapLab Games. Slide the interconnected pieces around and place them in the right places to unwind a delightful scene. You can choose one of three problem modes to style the game as you prefer. There are several game modes, including a puzzle for each day, whose picture is constantly changing. Explore nations and urban communities you have never seen, go on bright excursions and get to know different societies better. Don't forget to pass the game on to your companions and show yourself each of the mysteries you have completed. For anyone who loves different science games, we present a series of Jigsaw Surprise puzzles. In front of you on the screen there will be a progression of photos, which will look at different views of our reality. You have to click on one of them with the click of a mouse and then open it in front of you for a few minutes. From now on, it will fly divided into pieces that mix before you. You have to take one component and move it to the battlefield. Connect them there. When you restore the picture, you will get tricks and go to a higher level.