Draw & Save Him

Can it be said that you are ready to save this little stickman in Draw and Save Him? In this 3D game you prepare for a little stickman in order for him to complete his trip. He's small and the world is big, so he really wants you a lot. Could you help him during the trip? In this game you have an extremely independent stickman. He doesn't have to bother with you to move or run. He can walk as far as possible on his own. However, what he wants to help the most with is stage help. There will be a few missing parts of the stage from time to time. He can't jump, so he really wants you through those holes. Also here and there he will require you to avoid huge balls or sharp stones falling on his head. However, you have the answer to many questions. All you really want to do is set some boundaries in a way that helps him. Just set straight boundaries so that it can move to higher stocks, go through holes, and stop falling balls and sharp shakes. In this way he will be protected during his trip. So, what do you say right now, we perceive the number of levels you can make it continue. Draw and Save Him takes you into the universe of painted individuals. Today one of them will prepare before the race and you will help him in this. Your personality will be noticeable on the screen in front of you, which will run on top of the structure, slowly gaining speed. Look carefully at the screen. Along the way you will see different types of traps in which your legend must survive. To do this, you need to use the mouse to define the boundaries of different jobs, which will protect people from different risks. The scattered gold coins are gone. Your personality must collect them. For each coin you receive, you will be given tricks.