Castle Keeper

The enemy waves are coming and you are the one who can stop them and save the palace! Use your arrow-based weapon abilities to shoot units and throw step stools or barrels to deal more damage to opponents. Epic and daring battles are looking for you in the web based game Castle Keeper. Can you say you're ready to check it out? Kill opponents, acquire coins and repair your legend. You can also unlock new powers and become even more remarkable! There are a lot of universes sitting tight for you here, so how about we get to it. Protect the kingdom from the influx of intruders with the Castle Keeper! Rockets, steps, barrels; nothing can stop you in terms of defense strategies! Keep stealing from enemies, updating your raid and welfare stats and stop the swarms coming to your palace! We need to see if you can be aware of the opponent's speed! Congratulations; you are determined to protect the dedicated family and the palace for a short while! You can immediately take your position and start firing shots on the grounds that the conflict is now at the entrance! Stop waiting for help that will never come and shoot anything that moves. Move left and right to change your focus. Step before stepping on the stools to push them back and destroy everything behind them. Stay alert for different enemies with different attack types. Keep your personality portable to avoid rockets and barrels. You can choose major repairs between levels and increase your welfare or attack or unlock new abilities. You can try a reasonable shape and rework a little bit of everything, or focus mainly on your attack power and destroy the armed forces when they intervene. Collect brilliant keys and open crates for extra pay. Survive fifteen waves to face a massive boss and step into another time. Castle Keeper is a defense game where you play as a stickman soldier tasked with protecting the wall from trespassers. Use your archer abilities to shoot the soldiers and throw step stools or shoot barrels to cause more damage! Over time, get stronger by upgrading your stickman. Try not to let the wall fall. Protect your palace wall at all costs. Castle Keeper is a nice defense game in this 3D world. Alarm! our kingdom is under attack. Intruders carry step stools to climb and attack our territory. Fight huge managers and protect your palace! Help our little stickman and destroy every one of the opponents. Rework your legend, unlock new possibilities and become stronger. Streams of dangerous opponents are moving towards the walls of your palace, ready to attack it! Is it true that you are ready to defend your territories no matter what in Castle Keeper game? Use your abilities as an archer to fire sharp bolts of lightning at oncoming soldiers while hitting step stools or sending fire barrels to deal damage much faster. Engage in awe-inspiring battles as you smartly invest your money in major upgrades like stamina or speed, and unlock new abilities to make yourself that much more grounded! Guard your palace like a fiend and defeat perhaps the most impressive and deadly armed force on the planet.