TAG is a catch for neighborhood multiplayer! Go up against one, several of your companions and chase each other around one of three different levels! There are easy routes you can remove to get away from the pursuer, as well as a slippery magical transport that must be used once before it disappears so you can misdirect the pursuer and burn up his time! Who will emerge victorious?

In the new amazing web-based game TAG 2 3 4 Players you will compete against your opponents in collecting different things. In front of you on the screen you will see the area where your character and his opponents will be. Using the control keys, you will control the activities of your legend. You have to go around the area and defeat various deterrents and traps or jump over them to collect items scattered throughout. For their determination in the game TAG 2 3 4 Players will give you tricks. The person who collects the vast majority of them wins the opposition.

TAG 2 3 4 Players is a fun multiplayer game that you can play with up to four friends on the same gadget! Each climate has different things you can use to avoid and catch your companions. Log in and start playing tag!

There are 3 play areas. These are forests, desert and taiga. Each level has an absolutely remarkable theme! Play with a companion or up to 4 players locally and see who is the seasoned veteran of the tag game. You can choose between two control planes while choosing your characters.

Each level highlights an intelligent climate. There are trampolines, transports and buffs to give each player an advantage when they cooperate. Go around and make valiant efforts to catch and avoid your companions.