Mahjong Candy

Mahjongg Candy - match the confections! Match each of the sweet confections in this addictive Mahjong game. This is the standard Mahjong round, but with a wonderful and exciting twist. Instead of the usual Chinese images, players have to coordinate different confections and desserts together. This coordination with the game has the standard systems and interactivity of the first form. The controls aren't hard to get, and the ongoing interaction is fun and fast-paced. Customers must work quickly to coordinate with the confections and destroy the fully coordinated sets. Match different desserts like gummy bears, lollipops and toffee. Choose carefully which pieces you match and note the level the tiles are placed on. You can't just match any pair together - there is a specific request and you need to consider your decisions. Each round lasts 5 minutes. Customers must work quickly to finish before the time runs out and try to coordinate with the entire tile within the given time period. See if you can become the Mahjongg Candy ace!