Angry Gran: Australia

Angry Gran Run is back with more bullshit, this time it's a trip to the Australian outback. Traverse the roads of Melbourne, duck, dive and slide to avoid the fun obstacles while collecting coins and power-ups. Get out of the city and into Outback madness too! Collect tokens to unlock the extraordinary Kangaroo character. The treacherous grandmother needed extremely unusual drugs. Starting to find out where you can get it, the old man realized that it was only in Australia. Without thinking, the old woman went to where you will meet her in Angry Gran Australia, just during his exit from the pharmacy. As it happens, the medicine is given simply as medicine, but the energetic old man grabbed the vial from the doctor's hands and hurried away. Help the champion move away. No one is chasing her, but the old man is thinking clearly and running at top speed. You want to deftly bypass various obstacles, and among them there are extremely unique ones in Angry Gran Australia. Once again, the angry granny is back, and this time she's down in the place known as Oz! The Fury is not set in stone to take over the world and this time it wants to beat Australia and welcome the chaos on the roads and outback. Like other Angry Gran titles, you have to race through an endless track while collecting coins and staying away from obstacles and smashing the trespassers! This time the deterrents take an Aussie turn and you have to stay away from the horse crap, the road grid and that's just the beginning. Also, apart from the typical road running, you can coordinate Angry Gran through a hot ravine! The more you progress, the more achievements and rewards you unlock. In this form, there is even a monthly occasion that you can participate in to collect exclusive rewards. Would you at some point help Angry Gran dash across Australia?