Rio Rex

Rio Rex - caused a pulverization in Brazil! This time you are granted free access to the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, but still investigate the past urban areas that have been destroyed in New York and Paris After overcoming New York and Paris, it is not an ideal opportunity to turn your concentration to South America ! Cross the sea and cause mayhem and destruction in Rio de Janeiro. By and large rex is a carnivorous dinosaur that shows contempt for human life - he just needs to bite individuals, destroy urban communities and watch the world consume! This activity game has it all. You have to go through different cities and towns, destroying everything in sight and causing devastation. Each level gives an alternate setting inside Brazil and you have to go through the cities with Rex. Unleash Rex's stunning breath move! Remember that Rex can get a variety of items, including combustible drums and containers. On the off chance that you get one of these instances, you can crush urban areas and blast your terrifying fire to consume people, structures, and vehicles alike. Fire breath just lasts for a certain amount of time, so use it! Destroy a variety of enemies equipped with rockets and slashers! As you wreak havoc on the people of Pune, you will experience certain people who will seek revenge! You have to take out those faces as well and make sure they don't destroy the Rex. For example, there's a decorated goalie carrying a rocket launcher and a lumberjack driving a huge bulldozer! This outrageous arcade game is another magnificent extension of this arrangement and brings the different parts of Rio de Janiero and Brazil to life. See if you can get out of control today controlling this epic dinosaur!