Funny Shooter 2

Welcome to the hotly anticipated sequel to the amazing game called "Funny Shooter 2", where you will follow significantly more unique shootouts in a colossal field with swarms of equipped soldiers! You have to fight alone against countless units of enemy infantry that will try to prevent you from reaching the final objective and proceeding to the next stage.

As you complete levels, you'll acquire gold coins that you can use to purchase new weapons and further develop your personality details. Constantly move around the area and stay a safe distance away from enemies to keep yourself from getting hurt. Similarly, in the store you will have the opportunity to introduce various changes to your weapons, for example, a silencer, an optical sight and much more. Organize a real Doomsday on the front line by sending nuclear warheads against rivals. Destroy opponents with precise headshots and score as many focuses as you can expect under the circumstances before the end of the round. Complete dangerous missions and unlock all achievements for extra rewards. There will be a smaller than expected map in the upper right corner with all nearby targets printed on it.

Defeat enemy armed forces in the field with Funny Shooter 2! Use your weapon and step on the front line as a limited armed force! Make the slugs pour down on the strange red warriors as new waves of enemies keep coming at you, knock them all down and make it to the finish line alive!

Unleash destruction in a silly world full of crazy red enemies! There's only one thing these zombie-like warriors are after, and that's you! Use your crazy jumping skills, jump over the field, avoid the onslaught of containers and take them down one by one! How you deal with each of these groups of enemies is up to you! You can bait them all at once and let chaos dominate, or move from one gathering to another and stay safe. Whatever job you choose, you can constantly bounce or rush to put some distance between the hordes of enemies and yourself. Be careful! You can constantly get shock attacks from behind! Go around the field, don't let any red people wander indiscriminately, and hold on tight to the completion sign. Rush to the finish line and secure your rewards. You can go back to the main menu and get your achievement rewards, buy weapons and set new goals between matches.

In the second part of the game Funny Shooter 2, you will follow much crazier battles against a wide range of opponents. Towards the beginning of the game you have to visit the in-game shop and choose your weapons. From this point on, you will be sent to a specific area. Using the control keys, you will force your legend to move along it. Look around carefully. Various opponents will constantly chase you. You, maintaining separation, must lead a firestorm against the enemy. By shooting accurately, you will destroy the enemy and get focuses for him in the game Funny Shooter 2. Enemies can drop different things on death. You have to collect these rewards. They will help your legend in additional battles.

Funny Shooter 2 is a 3D shooting match as you prepare for a silly and action-packed epiphany!

This FPS game challenges you to overcome onslaughts of hilariously unusual enemies using a variety of weapons at your disposal. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your weapons to increase your chances of coming out on top. Immerse yourself in the funny universe of Funny Shooter 2 and face the most ridiculous enemies you have ever seen!