Cubinko is a puzzle game created by Neomaze. Drag and rotate ink blocks to collect chains. Every time you collect at least three of a similar type of block, you will clear the pieces from the board and provide focuses. Take part in the fantastic experience of placing the pieces flawlessly in their matching spaces and watch the tones explode as you dominate the match. Switch off for a few times and play the ultimate Cubinko block puzzle game. For every person who likes to spend the perfect opportunity of various riddles and questions, we present another Cubinko riddle game. With its help, you can test your legal reasoning and knowledge. A playing field divided into an equivalent number of cells will appear on the screen. Objects with a specific mathematical shape will appear on the right. They will consist of 3D shapes that will depict specific drawings. You can turn these articles in the space to any path. You need to move these items onto the battlefield and arrange them to structure a row of the blueprints. Then, at that moment, those items will disappear from the screen and you will get focuses for it.