Hexagon Fall

Try to keep the hexagon on top of the squares as much as possible while removing the blocks at the top. Balance the shape at the top by removing many squares. When the hexagon collapses from the edge, it's done for you! The more squares you remove, the higher your score will be. Hexagon Fall tests your basic abilities by deleting squares in a perfect way to keep the hexagon from falling without collapsing from the top of the squares. Delete the squares to remove the hexagon, but keep it adjusted. In case it falls from the top, it is complete. Shoot the unusual squares in the perfect second for extra prizes. In the game Hexagon Fall we will go to the mathematical world and help the polyhedron in his endeavors. He will remain on the stage, which consists of a bunch of squares. They all have certain tones. Your endeavor is to reduce your polyhedron. To do this, you need to remove all deterrents in its path. Search for a bunch of objects with similar shading and click on them with the mouse. They will disappear from the screen and you will get tricks for it. You will receive bombs from time to time. Touching them will make you explode and they will erase many things in one action.