Facepuch.io is an exclusive multiplayer boxing match! Before entering the ring, you must choose a character for the fight. The moment you step into the ring, you are fighting many different players from all over the world. Just like a real boxing game, you have to use your outstretched arms to punch and damage your enemies! For each effective hit, you drain the enemy's health bar. You can also keep the damage dealt even if you have a chance and your health bar drains as well. As you move around the ring, you can collect tables to gain experience and fill your level gauge - when the gauge is full, your character will advance to the next level and receive additional wealth! If you are the main character of the ring, you can launch a unique deadly attack that deals a lot of damage. Keep moving, keep punching and don't forget to land that hit on the executioner! Will you be able to show your boxing skills and overcome the ring?