Eggbot vs. Zombie

Eggbot vs. Zombie is a silly arcade game in which you have to try to save the earth from a large number of raids to chase zombies! The earth is in danger and our main every desire for endurance is the robot egbot! This best-in-class machine is equipped with protection and weapons to destroy the zombie swarms!

As you kill zombies, you bring money - you can use this money to repair your suit with better weapons. You can also open up new regions to investigate. There are some great high level weapons to look at and the game will keep you engaged for a really long time. Could you complete every mission and save the earth at any time?

It's 4025 and only the egg robots can save the world from the undead! Grab your stuff and plan to fight off the onslaught of zombies who are on a mission to destroy you. Pick up weapons and save your individual egg robots along the way!