Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday

Take part in your #1 experience on wheels with the game Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday during the Christmas season as you bravely drive through the huge frosty city roads enriched with very bright lights! Is it safe to say you're ready to dive into the coldest and most wonderful time of the year?

Get creative with spray paint and transform the walls of the wagons as you make an honest effort to escape the clutches of the police on an awesome flying skateboard! Race across busy train tracks, avoiding a wide range of obstacles and traps along the way, and appreciate escaping the clutches of the law thanks to your stunning balance and skating abilities. Make an effort not to collide with the oncoming trains, collect coins, dodge walls and adjust your reflexes to participate in the adrenaline rush.

This time, the surf group managed by Jake will be praising the occasions for the colder time of the year. Like all children, our people prefer not to get exhausted, they will have a great time walking around the snow-covered holes of the subway. As usual, they have to stop annoying the guard and his dog, but that only adds to the heat. In this update, we expect a champagne environment of Subway Surfers, a new person - the traveler Malik, as well as the most brilliant and cool New Year's improvements and many rewards. Spend the colder time of the year watching the Aurora Borealis and riding the ice hole, and get exclusive rewards by collecting penguins during the races.