Asphalt Retro

Travel back in time with Asphalt Retro! Immerse yourself in an 8-bit lively landscape and become well-known! Take on experts, race through moving traffic and escape the police helicopters chasing you! How about we step into the time machine and discover what your #1 urban communities looked like back in the day!

Drive your extravagant vehicle through the night city with police alarms ringing behind you in this retro game! Choose from the most famous areas around the planet, choose a vehicle from your carport and climb your way to the highest point of the board as you complete laps of the main position. Every risk you take can be turned into money in this world! The scratches you get at high speed, the police cars you crush, or the level you need: they can all be a form of income! Just keep controlling left and right and avoid the approaching dangers. Collect the promoters to top up your nitro or drop the required stars. Attracting a lot of attention can be followed by a police helicopter that can use power attacks. Move quickly left and right to avoid these attacks and focus on your opponents. Follow the bolts to plan turns and explore new landmarks as you win.

Is it true or not that you are ready to participate in the ultimate retro experience with Asphalt Retro game? Now is the right time to hit the gas without holding back and race on amazing tracks loaded with obstacles and opponents that will really make it difficult for you to take the top spot.

Try not to get caught by patrol cars and helicopters on the way and show what you are capable of on 8 interesting race tracks where you will really want to drive 8 really amazing vehicles. Test your abilities as a skilled pilot, don't leave behind your amazing rivals and do your best to reach the final goal in the first position.

Is it true that you are ready to participate in the ultimate arcade retro experience? Race your way to the top and try not to get arrested along the way in Asphalt Retro! Show off your driving skills on 8 amazing tracks using 8 vehicles that are more impressive than each other! Use the top bolt to help your engine. Double tap the left or right bolt to float.