Pokemon Bricks Breaker

The life of Pokemon is loaded with preparation on the grounds that they have a long way to go. In addition, their innate capacity needs to be further tested, and this can be a concern. In the game Pokemon Bricks Breaker you will go together with one of the mentors who have invented another test for small animals. It is important to erase all the shadowy squares on the battlefield with the help of pokeball balls. In addition, each square has its own number, which suggests the number of strokes that can be thrown from that square. Shoot the cannon, trying to use ricochets to clear the field of blocks with a single shot in Pokemon Bricks Breaker. Pokemon Bricks Breaker Drag and shoot the poker ball and hit the blocks. The block breaks when the strength drops to 0. In case any block comes straight to the base, you lose. Explore more than 1000 degrees of fun.