Elliott From Earth - Space Academy Alien Spotter

Elliott, along with his mother Jane, were sent to the opposite end of the universe, and now they must adapt to the new conditions, in light of the fact that it is absolutely impossible to return. The kid chose to enter the nearby space institute, which trains young people from a wide range of extraterrestrial societies. Before confirmation, you must go through several assessments and one of them is intended for caution. Help the saint in Elliott from the Earth Alien Observer. When the entrances open, concentrate, you have to touch the emerging animals, other than Elliott, his mother and his huge green companion Mo. Each right-wing press will bring 100 shackles, and some unacceptable ones will remove such a sum. Play Elliott From Earth - Space Academy: Alien Spotter Game online in your internet browser and portable at superkidgames.com for nothing more html5 games Elliott From Earth - Space Academy: Alien Spotter Game is a game where you can shoot, be and be careful ... This is definitely not a complete exhaustion of the inquiries that Elliot will ask in all the latest tests of the year and the tests at the Academy. So in the end you will be graduates and you will conquer the space.