Aircraft Flying Simulator

In Aircraft Flying Simulator you can become a pilot and take charge of different planes! Your passengers are hoping the plane will take off, so make a strong effort to provide them with a safe and speedy excursion. Would you be able to complete each of the levels in this game and demonstrate that you are a worthy pilot? It is difficult to fly a plane, but you don't have to bother with pilot training to arrive in the sky in this game. Your goal is to transport your passengers safely to the objective air terminal. You can start the game by tapping the play button in the main menu. Your next stop is the overhang. There are 7 different planes to choose from here, but only one is available above all. Each of these aircraft has distinctive details. You can unlock the rest with money you acquire by completing levels. The game highlights 6 unique regions, each with 3 levels in them. Start at the base level of territory 1. You can change the speed of the plane using the switch on the left half of the screen. Use the wrenches to change the elevation and heading of your plane. Try to follow the green path and change the plane. Playing a safe arrival on the track completes the level and you will secure the rewards. Good times!