Merge Gangster Cars

Merge Gangster Cars is a vehicle that mixes an inactive game made by TinyDobbins, where you buy themed vehicles and combine them to improve the car. Join two similar vehicles to open a vehicle better than ever. Drag them into the race, follow and get coins every time they cross the finish line. There are many types of vehicles to open and liberties to expand the coins you have purchased. Come back to play every day to open the most expensive vehicle this game has to bring to the table and build your own vehicle kingdom. Merge Gangster Cars will take you to dangerous and invigorating occasions when nonsense clogs the roads. They periodically organized shootings, the pioneers found out who was cooler and who claimed or for an area. Usually every scoundrel was driving, and all around then they were really cool vehicles. From the height of modern mechanical design, the machines of these cases look rough and somewhat amusing to you, and from there, they reliably served their masters. You will become one of the people in the group of hooligans and you will be busy offering vehicles, just like their participation in competitions. Spot vehicles in the field connecting two indistinguishable, you will get another model. Send them to the ring road. So the money is constantly flowing into the normal pot at Merge Gangster Cars.