Facepalm Quest

Facepalm Quest is a fun game where you intend to induce facepalms from the crowd! Think about what circumstance you would facepalm out of humiliation, frustration, or outrage, and that's what you really want to replicate! Click around to see how the characters react, investigate the case and solve the clever puzzle! Get ready to throw up your hand and cover your face in giggles.

Guys, do you like outstanding games with a bit crazy plot? Then, at this point, meet the game "Trollface: Facepalm Quest", where a part of the selected twitch with a touch of fury is looking for you. Obviously, jokes have to have a breaking point and generally the slightest bit of meaning, but here you are in for a shock! We take jokes to an unheard of level and go beyond common sense.

The main goal of this game is to get the crowd moving with your palm! Here you can feel the whole range of feelings - from shame, confusion or indignation to a feeling of complete stupidity, but nevertheless very fun and bright! Click on the screen to see the answers of characters who behave very unpredictably and solve this silly puzzle in their own special way! There will be tons of new and dreamlike characters with which you have to complete each mission and use your brain without limits. In general, it will not be simple, but you can constantly use the clue and instantly solve each of the puzzles honestly and fairly. Participate in the game and good luck!