Rainbow Pinball

Step through the entrances of this enchanting realm for an enchanted arcade experience. Would you be able to get a high score while rating this shiny and energetic pinball machine? Rainbow Pinball is a fun and beautiful entertainment game with charming themed universes. Shoot the pinball, collect as many focuses as possible and discover the mystery circle for a prize. Show your reaction skills and get the highest score! Take part in this twist to the pinball genre. Send your ball and then paddle the ball to get it on the board as far as possible. When you lose all your balls, you will know what your last score is. Rainbow Star Pinball is a retro style arcade game created by b10b. Rainbow Star Pinball puts a spin on the quintessential pinball game by giving it an incredibly bright look. In this game, you will enter a mystical world, escape from the enchanted forest, meet unicorns, join the sovereigns and princesses at their hearty ball, and eventually find every treasure towards the end of the rainbow. Get ready to participate in this intriguing pinball game! Rainbow Pinball is a smart and lively activity game with charming themed universes. Shoot a pinball, collect any number focus as can reasonably be expected, and find the circle with a mystery prize. Show your answering abilities and get the highest score. Step through the doors of this enchanting realm for a supernatural arcade experience. Could you get a high score while rating this brilliant and lively pinball machine?