Yummy Tales

A fantasy went to the ranch, where adorable pets live: cows, pigs, sheep and various animals. Besides, I must say that this happened on schedule, as a result of the disappointment of the last harvest of tragic creatures, there was literally nothing to eat. A spectacular gift came from a great magician. He was disappointed with the creatures and sent them a mist of organic product. Ready reddened apples, plums, wild, tropical unusual, gathered in the cloud. To get them, you need to connect at least three indistinguishable natural products in a row. The occupants of the real mansion will stop for the minute they need it, and you will give it to them by doing the work in the Tasty Stories levels. Welcome to our amazing ranch with the most beautiful animals on the planet! Trade and join the delicious food grown from the land to take care of our children and fulfill them! Yummy Tales is a great match 3! Use several enhancers to get the highest score and get three stars on each level.