In Catpad, you play as a cat! What's more, as a cat you can do normal cat things; you can construct the top from boxes, play memory games and sometimes even drive a vehicle at high speeds. As you play, shiny booster balls will appear. Hitting enough of these balls will send your cat into fever mode! In this mode, your cat will bite the deep end and start scoring lots of foci. This can help you set new records and get new achievements. By getting great results, you'll unlock new things to design your cat home with! There are more than 6 games to dominate. Can you and your cat become the perfect couple at any moment?

Have you noticed at some point that your pet cat is rarely exhausted, he is constantly occupied, unless he is obviously napping. In any case, what work or play can a cat have at any given time? Extremely different and today one of these fuzzy companions welcomes you to his gaming universe where he will tell you the best way to play and what games he has! Try to go through each of the levels of different miniature games together with your cat and become the best in the kingdom of Catpad!