Thrill Rush 4

Your day is full of thrills, because you do not sit at home in your extra time, but go to exercise outside. Today in your schedule for diversion is a carnival and you quickly get there. Sitting on the train, you had no idea how many scandalous circumstances were ahead of you, to which you had to adapt yourself. Carefully look around the street, jump over precipices in different ways and essentially collect the tickets that are given as a decent reward. In Thrill Rush 4, wait! We are going on a final train ride in an amusement park! You are on a train of relentless trains, but you really want to control it! Are you ready to complete each of the provocative levels and reach the end of this game? Pleasant moments! Is there anyone who doesn't love exciting walks? In fact, we suspected so much. You will appreciate this game! Assuming you are ready for the experience, you can start the game and start playing at the basic level. In this first level you will be completely alone outside, you just have to continue on the rails without falling down. Don't forget to collect the money on your way! They will help you update your car and change your man. Hang your direction through a water slide, turn the stuntmen and defeat your opponents to the finish line! Goliath squares and holes can appear suddenly. You want to go through every deterrent during the day or around the evening! You will have 15 levels to complete as you continue the game, the levels will become more difficult. You will not be far from everyone else in the upcoming levels, there will be different characters on your way and you want to push them down to complete the level effectively! You can track progress at the bottom of the screen and money at the top. Good luck!