Monkey Kick

Monkey Kick is a fun arcade game with two monkeys as main characters, one kicking the other from above to cover as much distance as possible and collect as many bananas as can reasonably be expected. Monkey Kick is an expert game created by Totebo. Help the monkey kick his companion further than many would think possible while never losing power. Kick the monkey as high as it can really be expected and hold your finger or left mouse button to fall and gain speed. You have to slide just when the slope is sloping down. The monkey will crash in case you don't press the button at the right second. Feel free to start kicking to see how high a score your companion and monkey can reach. "Monkey see, monkey do"? No, the real expression is "Monkey sees, monkey kicks". Kick the monkey with impeccable timing and hold your finger or spacebar to let go and pick up speed. You need to touch the ground when the incline goes down.