World Conquest

Take on the job of admin in World Conquest! In this chance-like war game, it's really up to you to overcome your opponents, defeat each of the domains, and win! Each turn you choose where you should place your soldiers and which regions you should attack. The more regions you control, the more soldiers you will fight. Towards the end of your turn, you may receive a card. In case you get the right mix, you can use these cards to bring in a lot of extra soldiers! Assuming you capture each of your opponents' domains, they will lose the game. Be careful though! In case you lose any of your domains, this is for you. There are three levels of problems to explore and three separate guides to play. Real vital brains can be tried in Risiko mode. The situation is anything but favorable for you in this mode and winning will not be easy. Can you beat the world at any time?

In the new system, you will be given the job of an extraordinary commandant, ideally an amazing one, as you have to expand your domain lines as expected by using wild military force. Triumph will be possible only with the right technique and strategies, but the enemy will not sit and hold tight for your attack, every attack will be accompanied by a counterattack, expect a response for every action and make an effort not to lose the conquered lands!