Idle Miner

Idle Miner is an idle clicker game where you (with the help of your handy dandy cat) clear your way through mines to collect materials. You can update your pick with new minerals and materials, but in light of the fact that you're buying a redesign, that means it's constantly going to get worse. Moy, shoot and draw your way through the game and see how far you can go. Click the bell at the base on the left to mine faster. Follow the instructional exercise at the beginning of the game for each of the subtleties. Idle Miner is an idle game for a cat who loves mining and getting various assets. There are 25 unique assets; you can sell them or use them to craft better picks. Craft infinitely better picks and dig deep into the Earth. Likewise, there are 9 updates that will help you get better materials and craft better picks. After level 50 you can brag to make your cat healthier!