Super Defense Tank

Super Defense Tank is a shooting duel where you want to defeat the Robot Masters and complete the levels. Prepare new weapons, collect different power-ups and get high scores.

In the distant future, robots have revolted on the planet. They started a conflict against individuals. You in the new web based game Super Defense Tank will go to those times. You have to engage in battles against robots on your tank. In front of you on the screen will be noticed your tank, which will move along the street at a certain speed. The robots will move towards you. You deftly move on the tank and take it out of the shelling, you need to get the robots in degree. When you're ready, open fire on them. By shooting accurately, you will destroy the enemy and for this you will be given focuses. On them you can repair your tank and put new types of weapons on it.

Super Defense Tank is a really interesting and testing free internet game that has all the essence of the arcade rounds of the 90s where you will actually want to deal with a boat equipped with powerful guns while making a valiant effort to withstand the dangerous attacks of the enemy.

Equip your boat with the best weapons and get ready to engage in aerial combat against the most dangerous and deadly enemies. Will you figure out how to overcome the 4 robot rulers that you will cross on your way and beat all the high score records? Save your life, shoot far and have a good time.