Subway Surfers St. Petersburg

Subway Surfers World Tour: St. Petersburg 2020 is the one hundred and twenty ninth replacement of Subway Surfers and the one hundred and 9th installment of the World Tour series. This version has a flashback to a man or woman known as Nikolai who values ​​actual money. He gets a brand new outfit known as the Faux Fur Outfit for Key.png 25. Freya additionally returns for Key.png 60 with a brand new outfit known as the Winter Magic Outfit for Key.png 25. 5 new holiday characters are also known such as Holiday Jake, Holiday Hard, Holiday Spike, Holiday Frank and Holiday Yutani. Festive Fresh returns to Season Hunt with a brand new outfit known as the Hoodie Outfit alongside the Rudy and Lion boards. Tokens are snowflakes. It launched on December 10, 2020.