Tasty Drop

Track down the perfect recipe with Tasty Drop! Drop the clamps at the perfect point to place your creation! Partake in the glossy illustrations, bright food and wobbly eggs; further develop your cooking systems and see the delightful results with each try! Become the ultimate culinary expert in town with supreme reflexes and master this game!

Let your cooking skills get you through this methodological game! Hone your reflexes as you prepare the perfect dinners for your cafe, take part in the fascinating evolution of the wobbly eggs and see how far you can get against moving plates and testing stages! Make decisive use of the wooden contraptions to reach the bowl and finish your meals! Try not to let the favorite fixers fool you; it will become dynamically troublesome as you progress to higher levels. Click or tap, move left and right to track the best position and delivery to drop the egg. Watch the result and judge the gaps to correct them. Keep trying to take care of business and find what you are comfortable with at a higher level. Try not to allow the egg to phantom away; unlock and complete each of the ten test levels to see the end of this delightful adventure.

Tasty Drop is a fun easy game where you just have to drop the last component of a tasty dish. The idea of the game may seem simple, but it is quite difficult. Enjoy the new material science framework that gives the game an interesting look and feel.

You are enthusiastic about great food, especially a delicious and nutritious bowl of ramen! Can you say you're ready to take part in a truly magical physical science, cooking and puzzle game with Tasty Drop?

You're just one stage away from completing an amazing dish, all that's left is to drop the final touch, a heavenly bubbling egg! Unambiguously calculate the perfect locations and the exact second to drop it and win a final triumph, while dealing with a wide range of puzzles thanks to the law of gravity as far as everyone is concerned.

In the exciting new game Tasty Drop, you have to add the finishing touch to the pre-arranged dishes. For example, in front of you on the screen you will see a plate in which there will be prepared food. Above the plate at a certain level will be your fixation. Between him and the slab will be various items found at various points. Using the control keys, you can move the object in any direction. You have to adjust it somewhat and then reset it. When the item makes noise around town, you will be given Tasty Drop game focuses and proceed to a higher level of the game.