Watermelon Drop

Watermelon Drop, a watermelon game of the hugely popular Suika variety, is a matching puzzle game where you drop different types of soil products into a glass. The moment two similar types of food bump into each other, they will consolidate and become an alternative, larger food! You want to mix in the most and largest natural product you can without running out of space. The moment your glass overflows and a piece of natural product or vegetable falls over the rim, you're done! Towards the end of the game, your score is scored. Do you have what it takes to score an A position?

We don't see how it works, but it takes care of business, plus the way it lets you make new foods grown from the ground is bullshit and you'll end up with a watermelon. This is basically an order for another arcade game that will require a huge compartment and a large amount of soil products. Try to do something yourself, maybe you are a real breeder and can create a new natural product or vegetable.