Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer

Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer is a vehicle battle in the Burnin' Rubber establishment. Control your companions in this highly anticipated multiplayer vehicle battlefield game. Pursue opponents and paralyze them with your driving and shooting abilities. Lots of wonderful vehicles to unlock and unstable weapons to test. Highlights the pristine U-go move to stun your enemies.

Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer is the latest vehicle rush game in the Consuming Elastic series, this time in multiplayer mode.

Like all other Burnin' Rubber games, it's anything but a simple rush game, but it's joined by vehicles with cool weapons.

Manage the server with your companion in multiplayer mode. Kill different vehicles. Unlock other amazing vehicles and weapons.

In Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer, you will engage in extreme vehicle combat against different players as you compete to be the sole survivor. With cutting-edge illustrations and interactivity, you'll need to rely on your driving and shooting skills to take down your opponents.
Unlock new weapons to use against your opponents and fire up your abilities with fast sailing and tricky maneuvers. Try not to be intimidated by your opponents' vehicles as you can command the front line with your amazing directing skills.

Burnin' Rubber Multiplayer is a truly amazing cutting-edge vehicle battle where you have to drive your rivals in an extreme multiplayer vehicle battle while kicking it into high gear.

Chase your opponents and paralyze them with your driving and shooting skills, unlock new weapons to chase your rivals and stop them from advancing faster than you, and perform great sailing at top speed by making many sharp turns. Try not to be blinded by the nature of your enemies' vehicles and get ready to show off your driving skills.