Jurassic Dig Dinosaur Game

Kids, get ready to appreciate this awesome excursion as you travel high and low on a great experience. Choose your vehicle at this moment, hit the road. Provide fuel while traveling through several scenes and hazards using super tools to reach your goal. You finally go to the site and act like a classicist as you carefully dig and discover the bones of a Jurassic genius. At this point, the fun isn't over as you work to put the bones back together, reproducing this wonderful animal. In any case, wait, out of nowhere he comes back to life and it's up to you to make everything different. Guide him through new situations and difficulties in your quest to join him with his family. Wise for youngsters aged 2-5, this game offers long periods of incredible fun and learning openings. Beautiful scenes, climate changes, an assortment of vehicles, obstacles to survive and wonders to share. Free from promotions, this game has a lot of chance for your kids to use their creative minds and increase participation in their own accounts. Kids love it and guardians trust this Yateland architect's vision!