Final Ninja

Final Ninja is a platform game created by Nitrome. You are Takeshi, a weak man who was once a hero, and you are trying to escape your former way of life and find a sense of reconciliation. Your former manager Akuma is after you and trying to dispose of you. Use your ninja rope and dexterity to take down your former boss! Get to know everything and test your ninja skills in the 20 levels that Final Ninja has to offer. Jump, run, sneak, use shurikens, snares and more! Can you say that you are prepared for your final mission, Final Ninja?

Use the keys on the bolts to move. Click the mouse to throw stars - press and hold the mouse button to shoot the rope and move up. Before you is a ninja who has to play an important mission to destroy a criminal tribe. Go through each grade with him using his legendary fighting abilities, which will allow him to move high deterrents and destroy opponents. Collect packs along your way, they allow you to purchase an assortment of hardware for additional conflicts.

Help Akuma find his master Takeshi who has been kidnapped. Use the bolt keys to move, click to throw shurikens, and keep pressing to throw rope. Use the bottom bolt wrench to retract it.