Merge Cyber Racers

Merge Cyber ​​Racers is a vehicle that combines an inactive game made by TinyDobbins, where you buy the most modern vehicles and combine them to improve the car. Join two similar vehicles to open a vehicle better than ever. Drag them into the race, follow and get coins every time they cross the finish line. There are many types of vehicles to open and liberties to expand the coins you have purchased. Come back to play every day, to open the most expensive vehicle that this game has to bring to the table, and to build your own digital dashing realm. The Merge Cyber ​​Racers race is coming up. You will end up on a ring road, which needs to be loaded with vehicles from time to time. To do this, connect two vehicles of a similar model inside the ring. To become even more impressive and improved. There are no restrictions on redesign, but you will need cash. You will get them at races, so high-speed vehicles have to go around the track all the time. Each round will bring you pay. The higher the class of the vehicle, the more money it will bring and therefore you can make a super vehicle in Merge Cyber ​​Racers.