Monster Merge

Monster Merge is a relaxed alliance where you combine animals and unlock more current and earthier beasts that are significantly more sinister. The game has a really decent crafting style that is at the convergence of creepy and adorable. Just intuitive indistinguishable beasts to combine them to make a stronger beast. Each time you find a different kind of beast, you'll unlock another piece of the secret palace. Every time you explore the entire palace, you will open another world that is full of pixies and something completely different with an alternative and more beautiful environment! The game has various internal facts and universes to explore. You don't have to believe that Halloween is about to get a little creepy. Would you be able to open every palace and world in this addictive matching game at any time?

Monster Merge is a wonderful 3D puzzle game. Wizard student Tom today helps his instructor make different types of beasts. On the battlefield, there are prominent cards with the image of various beasts. Do you remember them all? Come join his exams! The online arcade has basic interactivity and brilliant illustrations that are hard to take your eyes off. The riddle brings joy, but it is also useful, it trains the memory well.