Battle Wheels

Battle Wheels is an arcade game where you control a vehicle in a 1v1 battle against your enemy! Unfortunately there are no roofs on these combat vehicles, but you can use this to your potential advantage and hit your opponent over the head with your vehicle to win. You can essentially zoom around the field and turn your direction to the head of your resistance to overcome them. Repair your frame for more base well-being, become some badass new wheels for more harm, and work on your vehicle with simple harm and well-being redesigns! Transform your personality and get involved to find out how far up the ranks you can get! In case you need a test, play in two-player mode against your companion to see who is the champion of Battle Wheels.

Battle Wheels is an arcade game where you drive a vehicle in a lone battle against the enemy! Tragically, these conflict machines don't have a roof, but you can use it to your potential advantage by ramming your opponent with your vehicle to ensure triumph.