Zooplop is an adorable matching puzzle game where creatures fall startlingly! You really want to put them together thoroughly so they merge into bigger ones! A mouse in addition to a mouse will transform into a yellow chicken, and chickens can expand crabs! Keep consolidating them until you reach the ultimate goal: the ultimate whale! How big could you make them at any given time? Could you ever reach the huge whale?

To move the creatures, left-click and hold the mouse, then empty it to drop them. On the other hand, you can use the A/D keys or the left and right keys to move the creatures and the S key or the down key to drop them.

Do you have any idea what the largest creature on our planet is? Obviously, this is a whale that you and I will try to make into another riddle according to our own development, which is essentially not quite the same as the world's accepted thought about the beginning of each individual living being. It just so happens, you can make a whale by consolidating different creatures and which ones we will find out during the game!