HexDomin.io is a prepackaged 4-player methodology game. Collect the most significant kingdom to win! Playing pieces are added like dominoes by coordinating with indistinguishable types of territories. A game is played in 9 spins and lasts under 10 minutes. Rate this exciting procedural procedural for up to 4 players! Assemble the most extravagant kingdom ever! - keep adding tiles to make a wide range of scenes, such as mines, crops and other useful regions. Start maximizing your benefits and have a great time! Come to HexDomin. io and three additional players will be drawn to you. The directions are like a circle of dominoes, but the tiles are not rectangular so much as hexagonal. You have a small area where the palace stands. Near it, it is important to craft various items: ranches, mines, sawmills and create fields. The left board shows hexagon segments that you will add to your field. Try to have a limit of similar components nearby to get focuses. The game lasts ten minutes, so you will only have nine turns.